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UFC Commentators: Who are they?

The world of Mixed Martial Arts can be as enthralling and electrifying as any high-octane sport. The athletes in the UFC octagon (who are the cream of the crop in MMA) capture the attention of millions around the globe with their elite skills and thrilling battles. But enhancing the audience’s adrenaline rush are some very special people, the UFC commentators. Known for their charismatic analyses, exciting commentary, and deep knowledge of the sport, they have earned widespread acclaim and have become as essential to the sport as the fighters themselves.

Who are the UFC Commentators?

UFC commentators are individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable about the sport of MMA, providing live feed commentary during fights. They are responsible for enhancing the viewers’ experience by explaining tactics, fighter history, and the technicalities of individual fights. Famous UFC commentators include names like Joe Rogan, Jon Anik, and Daniel Cormier, but below we breakdown a full list of current and previous UFC commentators that fans have known and loved over the years.

The famous “reaction” shot of commentary vets Daniel Cormier, Joe Rogan & Jon Anik
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Current UFC Commentators

  • Joe Rogan (1997-Present): Joe Rogan is perhaps the most famous UFC commentator. A long-standing fixture in UFC, he’s been actively commenting since 1997. A dynamic presence since 1997, Joe Rogan is synonymous with UFC commentary and the brand of the UFC itself. His deep passion for martial arts is evident in his detailed fight analyses and engaging commentary style. In addition to his UFC duties, Rogan is also a successful comedian, podcast host, and actor.
  • Jon Anik (2011-Present): Beginning his MMA journey in 2007, Anik transitioned from ESPN anchor to UFC’s head color commentator in 2011. His work ethic and resilience have earned him respect among his peers.
  • Daniel Cormier (2016-Present): Former two-division UFC champion, Cormier brings his rich fighting experience to the commentary desk. His in-depth understanding of fighting techniques makes his commentary invaluable.
  • Dominick Cruz (2016-Present): An ex-Bantamweight Champion, Cruz joined the commentary team in 2016. Balancing careers as both a fighter and commentator, he brings firsthand fight experience to his analyses.
  • Paul Felder (2017-Present): Starting his commentary career two years after his UFC fighting debut, Felder has become a fan favorite for his articulate commentary. He now serves as a full-time commentator.
  • Michael Bisping: The former world champion and TUF winner transitioned to commentary after his fighting career. Known for his engaging personality and humor, Bisping has become a popular figure in UFC broadcasting.
  • John Gooden (2014-Present): Joining UFC in 2014, Gooden has played multiple roles, from analyst to host. His versatility and reliability have made him a respected figure in the commentary team.
  • Brendan Fitzgerald (2017-Present): Fitzgerald has been a UFC commentator since 2017. Despite less experience in fighting, he complements his co-commentators effectively.
Mike Goldberg, another iconic veteran of UFC Commentating

Past UFC Commentators

  • Mike Goldberg (1997-2016): A pivotal voice for nearly two decades, Goldberg’s iconic commentary alongside Joe Rogan made him a fan favorite. He left UFC in 2016 and currently commentates for Bellator MMA.
  • Kenny Florian (2008-2021): Transitioning from fighter to commentator, Florian began his UFC commentary career in 2008. He currently works with the PFL.
  • Dan Hardy (2014-2021): A former fighter, Hardy became a UFC commentator in 2014, covering international events. After leaving UFC in 2021, he continued as an analyst for Sky Sports.
  • Randy Couture: The MMA legend and former UFC champion, Couture dabbled in commentary post-retirement.
  • Jim Brown (1993): An NFL legend, Brown briefly commentated on the very first UFC event.
  • Brian Stann (2013-2017): Stann, an early UFC fighter-turned-commentator, contributed significantly to the commentary team before leaving in 2017.
  • Jimmy Smith (2018): Known for his work with Bellator, Smith had a brief stint with UFC in 2018.
  • Rashad Evans (2017-2021): As a former UFC champion, Evans brought comprehensive understanding of the sport to his commentary.
  • Frank Mir (2006-2010): Mir, a former UFC champion, served as a commentator during the 2000s.
  • Jeff Blatnick (1994-2001): One of the first UFC commentators, Blatnick was instrumental in explaining fight techniques and helping establish the Unified Rules of MMA.

Impact of UFC Commentators

UFC commentators play an essential role in the viewing experience for all audiences. Here are a few ways they contribute to the sport:

They explain the Fight: Commentators break down the nuances of techniques and strategies in a simple, understandable manner, making the sport more accessible to novice viewers.

They Tension and Suspense: Through their words, commentators can build anticipation and excitement, enhancing the viewing experience.

They Humanise Athletes: Commentators discuss fighters’ backgrounds and personal stories, making the athletes more relatable to the audience.

Technical Analysis and Prediction: Seasoned commentators often provide post-fight analyses and predictions for future fights, offering viewers deeper insight into the sport.


The UFC experience would certainly be less entertaining and informative without the contribution of its talented cadre of commentators. Not just voices in the background, these famous UFC commentators have become indispensable personalities in the MMA world. With a combination of expert knowledge, charisma, and eloquence, they have elevated the viewing experience, bringing the thrill and intricacies of each fight into the homes of millions.


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