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American Grappling Federation: What you need to know

Are you curious about the American Grappling Federation (AGF)? Maybe you’ve heard the name but aren’t quite sure what it’s all about. Look no further! In this article, we will dive deep into the world of the AGF, exploring its history, objectives, and why it has become a prominent force in the grappling community.

The Birth of the AGF

The American Grappling Federation was founded in October 2011 with the mission to provide a platform for grapplers of all levels to compete and showcase their skills. Since its inception, the AGF has grown exponentially, hosting tournaments across the United States and attracting athletes from various grappling disciplines.

A Level Playing Field

One of the key principles of the AGF is to create an environment where all participants have an equal opportunity to excel. The federation offers divisions for different age groups, skill levels, and weight classes, ensuring that everyone can compete against opponents of similar abilities and build their confidence on the mat.

Embracing Different Grappling Styles

The AGF prides itself on being an inclusive organization that welcomes practitioners from different grappling styles. Whether you’re proficient in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, judo, wrestling, or any other form of grappling, there is a place for you in the AGF. This diversity not only enriches the tournaments but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Expert-Level Refereeing

To ensure fair competition, the AGF places great emphasis on the quality of its referees. All referees undergo rigorous training and certification processes to guarantee that matches are officiated accurately and in compliance with the federation’s rules and regulations. This commitment to excellence helps maintain the integrity of the sport and gives participants confidence in the competition.

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AGF Tournaments: A Thrilling Experience

Participating in an AGF tournament is an experience like no other. The federation organizes well-structured events that are not only competitive but also enjoyable for both athletes and spectators. From the adrenaline-pumping matches to the supportive atmosphere, AGF tournaments create an environment that encourages personal growth, sportsmanship, and community building.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

AGF tournaments are held in top-notch facilities, providing participants with the best possible experience. The federation collaborates with reputable venues that boast ample space, high-quality mats, and comfortable seating for spectators. Whether you’re a competitor or a fan, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail that the AGF puts into every aspect of their events.

Diverse Tournament Formats

The AGF offers a variety of tournament formats to cater to different preferences and skill levels. In addition to the traditional Gi and No-Gi divisions, the federation also hosts specialized tournaments such as the AGF Pro, which features some of the most elite grapplers in the world. This diversity ensures that there is something for everyone, regardless of their experience or aspirations.

Building Lifelong Connections

AGF tournaments are not just about the matches; they are also an opportunity to connect with fellow grapplers from all walks of life. The federation encourages a friendly and supportive atmosphere where competitors can share their passion for grappling, forge new friendships, and even learn from one another. The AGF community extends beyond the tournaments, creating a network of like-minded individuals who inspire and motivate each other.

Weight Classes

Roosterweight IUp to 40Up to 18.2
Roosterweight IIUp to 45Up to 20.5
Roosterweight IIIUp to 55Up to 25
Featherweight IUp to 65Up to 29.5
Featherweight IIUp to 75Up to 34.1
Featherweight IIIUp to 85Up to 38.6
Lightweight IUp to 95Up to 43.2
Lightweight IIUp to 105Up to 47.7
Lightweight IIIUp to 115Up to 52.3
Middleweight IUp to 125Up to 56.8
Middleweight IIUp to 135Up to 61.4
Middleweight IIIUp to 145Up to 65.9
Heavyweight IUp to 160Up to 72.7
Heavyweight II160.1 and up72.8 and up
Seniors (Males)
Light RoosterweightUp to 115Up to 52.3
RoosterweightUp to 130Up to 59.1
Light FeatherweightUp to 145Up to 65.9
FeatherweightUp to 160Up to 72.7
LightweightUp to 175Up to 79.5
MiddleweightUp to 190Up to 86.4
Medium HeavyweightUp to 205Up to 93.2
HeavyweightUp to 220Up to 100
Super HeavyweightUp to 235Up to 106.8
Ultra Heavyweight235.1 and up106.9 and up
Weight DivisionlbsKgs
Light RoosterweightUp to 105Up to 47.7
Light FeatherweightUp to 120Up to 54.5
FeatherweightUp to 135Up to 61.4
LightweightUp to 150Up to 68.2
MiddleweightUp to 165Up to 75
Medium HeavyweightUp to 180Up to 81.8
Heavyweight180.1 and up81.9 and up

The Future of the AGF

As the American Grappling Federation continues to grow, it shows no signs of slowing down. The federation’s commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and providing a platform for grapplers to showcase their skills has garnered a loyal following. With its innovative approach and dedication to the sport, the AGF is poised to shape the future of grappling in the United States and beyond.

By creating a level playing field, organizing thrilling tournaments, and fostering a supportive community, the AGF has become a driving force in the grappling world. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just starting your grappling journey, the AGF provides an avenue to challenge yourself, make lifelong connections, and ultimately become a better grappler.

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