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Team Profile: B Team Jiu Jitsu

Team Name: B Team Jiu Jitsu
Location: Austin, TX, USA (Google Maps)
Head Instructor: Craig Jones

Formed recently in Austin Texas, B Team Jiu Jitsu are a group of renowned martial artists who have made waves in the BJJ community. The B Team brings a unique blend of wrestling and submission grappling, constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of the sport. Today, we delve into their journey, from their roots as part of the Danaher Death Squad to their establishment as a notable team of talented and experienced competitors.

Pre B Team: The Danaher Death Squad Era

For almost a decade, the Danaher Death Squad (DDS) reigned supreme in the realm of no-gi Jiu Jitsu. With a track record of unparalleled dominance, it seemed as if victory was an inevitable outcome whenever a DDS member stepped onto the mats. During this period, Craig Jones joined the DDS, solidifying their unstoppable reputation.

In 202 DDS announced their departure from Renzo Gracie’s Blue Basement, seeking to establish a new training facility in Puerto Rico. However, due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with some personal differences surfacing among the team, the dream of a Puerto Rican super camp quickly dissolved, and the team disbanded.

Birth of the B Team & Rivalry with New Wave Jiu Jitsu

From the ashes of the DDS breakup emerged the B Team, a collective consisting of Jiu Jitsu luminaries such as Craig Jones, Nicky Ethan Crelinsten, and Nick Rodriguez. Determined to carve their own path, they established their new gym in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas in late 2021.

Adding another layer of intrigue to their tale, the B Team’s training facility finds itself in close proximity to Gordon Ryan’s New Wave Jiu Jitsu, with just a short distance separating the two establishments. While maintaining an amicable relationship, the teams do not currently engage in cross-training. Recently Gordon Ryan and Nicky Rod matched up as part of the UFC fight pass invitational, with Gordon coming out on top despite being in trouble late in the match. Fingers crossed we get to see more of these superfights in future.

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Gordon Ryan v Ricky Rod on UFC Fight Pass (source: agfight.com)

Coaching Philosophy and Training Environment

The B Team places significant emphasis on teaching and fostering a safe and ego-free environment for their students. Their coaches prioritize ensuring that the intricate techniques and movements are effectively conveyed, enabling their students to digest and apply them with precision. Through their innovative approach, the B Team has showcased the effectiveness of their techniques at the highest levels of competition.

Notable Team Members

Craig Jones

Craig Jones is considered the leader and main instructor of B Team. Hailing from the land Down Under, Craig has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his remarkable grappling skills. Bursting onto the scene with an unforgettable performance at ADCC 2016, he quickly became a fan favorite. With a string of awe-inspiring finishes and a near miss at ADCC gold in 2018, Craig is gearing up for his third shot at the prestigious title later this year. His tenacity and unwavering determination make him a formidable force to be reckoned with in the Jiu Jitsu realm.

Craig Jones (Source: Reddit)

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Nicky Ryan

The prodigious talent and younger brother of Gordon Ryan, decided to break away from the shadow of DDS (and his brother) and forge his own path. Since his teenage years, Nicky has been defeating top-level grapplers and claiming titles, showcasing an exceptional skill set that belies his age. With an appetite for independence and a desire to carve his own legacy, the Jiu Jitsu world eagerly awaits Nicky’s next move. The young phenom’s journey is one to watch closely, as he continues to rise and leave his mark on the sport.

Nicky Ryan (Source bjjheroes.com)

Nicky Rodriguez

Nick Rodriguez: A name that resonates with the B Team is Nick Rodriguez, a young prodigy who made waves during his time with the DDS. Despite having less than a year of formal Jiu Jitsu training under his belt, Nick’s extraordinary talent propelled him to the brink of ADCC gold in 2018. Since then, he has honed his craft and tirelessly worked on developing his Jiu Jitsu game. Nick’s relentless drive and determination have elevated his skills to new heights, making him a force to be reckoned with in any competition he enters.

Nicky Rodriguez (source: bjjfanatics.com)

Ethan Crelinsten

Ethan Crelinsten: While perhaps not as widely recognized as some of his teammates, Ethan Crelinsten is a crucial piece of the puzzle that brought the B Team together. With a rich training background under the guidance of renowned coaches Firas Zahabi and John Danaher, Ethan has cultivated his own unique style and established himself as a skilled competitor. Not only does he contribute to the team’s success on the mats, but he also plays a pivotal role as one of the main coaches. Ethan’s expertise and dedication are instrumental in shaping the B Team’s training environment, ensuring students can flourish in an ego-free and safe setting.

Etan Crelinsten (Source: Twitter)

The B Team has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the world of BJJ and submission grappling. From their origins within the Danaher Death Squad to their establishment as an independent entity, they have overcome challenges and forged their own path. With their unique style, commitment to teaching, and unwavering dedication to innovation, the B Team continues to captivate the Jiu Jitsu community and leave an indelible mark on the sport.

If you are looking to train at B Team or contact them, check out their site: https://bteamjj.com/


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