Quintet 4 Results and Highlights

Quintet 4 b-team group photo

If you’re a grappling enthusiast like me, you were probably on the edge of your seat waiting for Quintet 4 to make its comeback. This epic team showdown went down on September 10, 2023, right in Japan’s Yokohama Arena. The event was stacked with some of the best grapplers from around the globe, and man, did they put on a show! Dive into this break down about Quintet 4 – from the teams that battled it out, the one-of-a-kind Quintet style, to the jaw-dropping moments that had fans buzzing all over the world.

Team Line-ups:

Kazushi Sakuraba’s Team:

  • Kazushi Sakuraba
  • Tomoshige Sera
  • Daisuke Nakamura
  • Harry Grech
  • Haisam Rida

10th Planet:

  • Richie Martinez
  • Geo Martinez
  • Amir Allam
  • PJ Barch
  • Kyle Boehm

Team Polaris:

  • Gregor Gracie
  • Owen Livesey
  • Santeri Lilius
  • Tarik Hopstock
  • Jed Hue

The B-Team Bulls:

  • Craig Jones
  • Nick Rodriguez
  • Nicky Ryan
  • Jozef Chen
  • Jay Rodriguez

Quintet Format Explained: Quintet is like the cool new kid on the grappling block. Picture this: each team has five fighters, and their combined weight has to be under a set limit to keep things fair. Before the face-offs, teams get together to plan out who’s going up against who. The real magic? It’s all about getting that submission. If you tap someone out, you stay on the mat to take on the next person from the other team. If no one gets a submission, both fighters step off, and the next pair jumps in. The team with the most submissions wins the match. Simple, right?

Quintet 4 Highlights: This event delivered for sure, with some unforgettable matchups. Here’s a quick rundown:

10th Planet vs. Sakuraba:

  • PJ Barch showed off with a win over Tomoshige Sera using a rear-naked choke.
  • Barch and Kazushi Sakuraba? That was a close one, ending in a draw.
  • Richie Martinez and Haisam Rida? Another draw.
  • Geo Martinez and Daisuke Nakamura? Yep, another draw.
  • Kyle Boehm and Harry Grech? You guessed it, a draw.

B-Team vs. Polaris:

  • Nick Rodriguez and Owen Livesey battled it out to a draw.
  • Jay Rodriguez and Jed Hue? Electric energy, but another draw.
  • Jozef Chen and Tarik Hopstock? No clear winner.
  • Nicky Ryan and Santeri Lilius? Draw.
  • Craig Jones and Gregor Gracie? Another edge-of-your-seat draw.

10th Planet vs. B-Team:

  • Amir Allam and Jay Rodriguez? Draw.
  • PJ Barch and Nick Rodriguez? Same story.
  • Craig Jones? Man, he was on fire! Took down Richie Martinez with a killer toehold and then Geo Martinez with an armbar.
  • Kyle Boehm tried to take on Jones, but it ended in a draw.

Thanks to an impressive performance by talisman Craig Jones, The B-Team took the crown at Quintet 4, beating the combined Team of Polaris and 10th Planet. The semi-finals against Team Polaris were intense, with all five matches ending in draws. But The B-Team’s power and crisp technique got them the win.

In the finals, after a couple of draws, Craig Jones stole the show. He took out Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez with a wild toehold and then quickly submitted Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez. He ended with a draw against Kyle Boehm, securing the win for The B-Team.

Shoutout to the Rodriguez bros, Nick and Jay. Nick, with his two ADCC silver medals, showed off against Owen Livesey and PJ Barch. Jay was a tank, especially against Jed Hue and 10th Planet’s big guy, Amir Allam.

To Wrap Up: Quintet 4 was a masterclass in grappling and reminded us why the format is loved by fans around the world. Craig Jones and The B-Team’s win will go down in the books and be analyzed for some time to come. With its unique style and top-tier fighters, Quintet 4 was a treat for all grappling fans. Can’t wait for the next one!


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