Giancarlo Bodoni: A True BJJ Hero

Giancarlo Bodoni is a well-known name in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). With his exceptional grappling skills and recent championship win at ADCC 2022, he has become an inspiration to many aspiring BJJ practitioners. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Giancarlo Bodoni’s journey, his achievements, and what makes him a true BJJ hero.

Background & Competitive Career

Giancarlo Bodoni was born on May 10, 1990, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Growing up, he was fascinated by martial arts and began training in BJJ at the age of 16. Under the guidance of his coach, he honed his skills and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a black belt in just a few years.

Bodoni’s competitive career took off after he won the Brazilian National Championship in his weight class as a brown belt. Since then, he has gone on to win numerous titles, including the World Championship and the Pan American Championship. Most recently he gained worldwide notoriety by becoming the 2022 ADCC champion in the 84kg division. He has competed against some of the best BJJ fighters in the world and always displays an amazing skillset.


Unique Style and Techniques

What sets Bodoni apart from other BJJ fighters is his unique style and techniques. He is known for his aggressive and relentless style, which has earned him the nickname “The Bulldozer.” He has a keen understanding of grappling and uses his weight and power to control his opponents on the mat. Bodoni is also known for his relentless pace and his ability to finish fights quickly, making him a crowd favorite. His time training under John Danaher and with training partners like Gordon Ryan and Nicholas Meregali has been a crucial element of his success.

Major Competitive Achievements

2022ADCC1st Place
2021IBJJF Pan Championship NOGI1st Place
2020IBJJF Pan Championship NOGI2nd Place
2020/2021IBJJF Pan Championship3rd Place
2019IBJJF World Championship NOGI1st Place
2019IBJJF World Championship2nd Place
2019IBJJF Pan Championship1st Place
2019IBJJF World Championship NOGI3rd Place
2020IBJJF Pan Championship3rd Place
2018IBJJF Pan Championship NOGI3rd Place
2019IBJJF European Open3rd Place

Competitive Record

Total Wins: 40
Total Losses: 18

OpponentResultMethodTournamentWeight ClassRoundYear
Ronnie PaceWRNCNo Gi Pan Am.92KG4F2020
Benjamin SilvaWRNCNo Gi Pan Am.92KGSF2020
Lucas BarbosaLPts: 2×0No Gi Pan Am.92KGF2020
John HansenWGuillotineNo Gi Pan Am.ABSR12020
Arnaldo MaidanaWPts: 4×2No Gi Pan Am.ABS8F2020
Lucas BarbosaLPts: 2×0No Gi Pan Am.ABS4F2020
Rafael VasconcelosLPts: 0x0, AdvOrlando Open94KGSF2021
Michael LieraLPts: 2×0Orlando OpenABSR12021
Charles McGuireWShort chokeOrlando NGO91KGSF2021
Pedro MarinhoLGuillotineOrlando NGO91KGF2021
Francisco CuneoWStraight ankle lockOrlando NGOABS4F2021
Diego RamalhoWPts: 5×2Orlando NGOABSSF2021
Tex JohnsonLOutside heel hookOrlando NGOABSF2021
Nathan MendelsohnWPts: 4×3N.Orleans Open94KGF2021
Joshua McKinneyWChoke from backN.Orleans OpenABSR12021
Charles McGuireWArmbarN.Orleans OpenABS4F2021
Austin BakerLPts: 0x0, AdvN.Orleans OpenABSSF2021
Alika AngermanWRNCN.Orleans NGO91KGF2021
Charles McGuireWVerbal tapN.Orleans NGOABS4F2021
Diego RamalhoLFootlockN.Orleans NGOABSSF2021
A. AngermanWRNCNoGi Pan Am.91KG4F2021
Yuri SantosWArmbarNoGi Pan Am.91KGSF2021
Lucas BarbosaWReferee DecisionNoGi Pan Am.91KGF2021
Romulo CaiadoWReverse triangleNoGi Pan Am.ABSR12021
Joseph WatsonWPts: 2×2, AdvNoGi Pan Am.ABS8F2021
Bruno MatiasWPts: 0x0, AdvNoGi Pan Am.ABS4F2021
Lucas BarbosaLPts: 2×0NoGi Pan Am.ABSSF2021
Jorge EscuderoLOutside heel hookMiami NGO91KGF2021
Mason FowlerLReferee DecisionWNO Champ.ABS4F2021
Kaynan DuarteLReferee DecisionWNO Champ.ABSSF2021
Rida HaisamLReferee DecisionWNO Champ.ABS3RD2021
Vagner RochaLReferee DecisionNoGi Worlds91KG8F2021
Logan YoxWPts: 3×0ADCC EC Trials88KGR12021
Maxim CoteWInside heel hookADCC EC Trials88KGR22021
Michael FerranteWRNCADCC EC Trials88KGR32021
James BrascoWArmbarADCC EC Trials88KGR42021
Ryan AitkenWPts: 3×0ADCC EC Trials88KG4F2021
Jacob CouchWRNCADCC EC Trials88KGSF2021
Elder CruzWPts: 3×0ADCC EC Trials88KGF2021
Enrique GalarzaWEBI/OTEmerald CityABS4F2021
Nick RonanLInside heel hookEmerald CityABSSF2021
F. CostaWInside heel hookF2W 193N/ASPF2022
Thiago AndradeWInside heel hookDallas NGO91KGSF2022
Andre PorfirioLPts: 2×0Dallas NGO91KGF2022
Joshua DawsonWRNCSUBVERSIV 783KG4F2022
Lucas BarbosaLReferee DecisionSUBVERSIV 783KGF2022
PJ BarchDUFC Inv. 2ABSRR2022
Jacob RodriguezWReferee DecisionWNO 13ABSSPF2022
Elijah CarltonWKatagatameSapateiro Inv93KG8F2022
Brad SchneiderWRNCSapateiro Inv93KG4F2022
Dan MartinezWRNCSapateiro Inv93KGSF2022
Devhonte JohnsonWEBI/OTSapateiro Inv93KGF2022
Isaque BahienseWPts: 6×0ADCC88KGR12022
Matheus DinizWTriangleADCC88KG4F2022
Eoghan OFlanaganWFootlockADCC88KGSF2022
Lucas BarbosaWRNCADCC88KGF2022
Rida HaisamWShoulder lockADCCABS8F2022
Nicholas MeregaliLPts: 6×2ADCCABS4F2022

Impact on the BJJ Community

Giancarlo Bodoni’s impact on the BJJ community cannot be overstated. He has inspired countless young fighters to pursue their dreams and has helped to raise the profile of BJJ globally. His success has brought attention to the sport and has helped to promote BJJ as a legitimate and respected martial art.

Giancarlo Bodoni is a true BJJ hero. His dedication, passion, and exceptional skills have made him one of the greatest fighters of all time. He continues to inspire and influence the BJJ community and even though he is still young, he will likely be regarded as a legend of the sport.

Additional Resources

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