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Gordon Ryan vs Nicky Rod: A Tale of Former Teammates


The submission grappling world is no stranger to intense rivalries, but few have captured the community’s attention quite like the one between Gordon Ryan and Nick Rodriguez, commonly known as Nicky Rod. Both athletes have made significant impacts on the sport, but their rivalry adds some spice to the BJJ community. This article delves into the history, competitions, and controversies surrounding these two BJJ giants.

Former Teammates Turned Rivals

Gordon Ryan and Nicky Rod were once teammates, training under the same coach, John Danaher, as part of the Danaher Death Squad. Their shared background adds a unique twist to their rivalry, as they have intimate knowledge of each other’s techniques and strategies. However, the team’s recent split has led to a shift in alliances, further fueling the competitive fire between them.

Fight Pass Invitational Match

In their most recent clash at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational, Gordon Ryan and Nicky Rod put on a show that had the grappling world talking. The match was a nail-biter, with both athletes showcasing their skills, strategies, and sheer will to win.

Nicky Rod’s Perspective

According to Nicky Rod, he felt that he had exposed Gordon Ryan’s vulnerabilities. The match was a back and forther affair, with Nicky even catching Gordon in a tight toe hold and almost getting the tap.

“He couldn’t do anything. People see he’s human now.”

Nicky Rod

Nicky Rod’s confidence was palpable, and he believed that he had shown the world that the “King” is not invincible.

Gordon Ryan’s Outlast

On the other hand, Gordon Ryan managed to outlast Nicky Rod in overtime. The match was intense, with both competitors going back and forth, but ultimately, it was Gordon Ryan’s experience and tactical prowess that saw him through.

The grappling community had mixed reactions to the match. While some praised Gordon Ryan for his resilience and tactical brilliance, others felt that Nicky Rod had indeed exposed some chinks in his armor. The match has only added fuel to the fire of their rivalry, making any future encounters between the two even more anticipated.

Gordon Refuses USADA Challenge

One of the most talked-about aspects of the rivalry between Gordon Ryan and Nicky Rod is the controversy surrounding drug testing. Gordon Ryan refused a challenge Nicky to pass a USADA drug test ahead of their recent match. Ryan’s refusal was based on his belief that steroids are not illegal in jiu-jitsu, sparking a heated debate within the community. This refusal has added another layer of complexity to their rivalry, raising questions about fair play and the role of performance-enhancing drugs in the sport.

“First of all, no, because steroids are not illegal in jiujitsu… Number two, I actually have a contract coming to Nicky Rod, for USADA and WADA testing from now until the next ADCC, so interesting to see if he’s gonna sign that.”

Gordon Ryan when asked about the USADA challenge

Gordon vs Nicky – The rivalry continues

The rivalry between Gordon and Nicky is a fascinating narrative filled with skill, strategy, and a fair amount of trash talk. As former teammates who know eachothers game, their matches offer a unique blend of familiarity and competition, making each encounter a must-watch event. With both athletes in their prime, wecan only wait in anticipation for their next face-off.

Highlights of UFC Fightpass Invitational (Youtube)

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